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Real-time Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Evaluation of Cancer in Barrett's Oesophagus

Gut. 2020 Apr;69(4):615-616.

Ebigbo A, Mendel R, Probst A, Manzeneder J, Prinz F, de Souza LA Jr, Papa J, Palm C, Messmann H.

Based on previous work by our group with manual annotation of visible Barrett oesophagus (BE) cancer images, a real-time deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) system was developed. While an expert endoscopist conducts the endoscopic assessment of BE, our AI system captures random images from the real-time camera livestream and provides a global prediction (classification), as well as a dense prediction (segmentation) differentiating accurately between normal BE and early oesophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC). The AI system showed an accuracy of 89.9% on 14 cases with neoplastic BE.

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